Some of my earliest attempts at planetary imaging, not a bad night, but fighting software, mount, camera, collimation, etc…. Pretty much you name it I was fighting it….

Upgraded to a better camera last winter which has helped me somewhat, but I’m still fighting some collimation issues on the scope and an overall lack of experience…. I know collimation isn’t where it should be though, so I’m expecting that’s the primary cause of the blurriness…..

Jupiter with moons

Actually FINALLY did a pretty good telescope collimation with an artificial star and a somewhat decent polar alignment on the mount. Still oversaturated during processing though….

10/16/2021 – First night with adding a Hyperstar on the C11 with the ASI533. Pretty good night and making progress!!

3/20/2022 – Had a few warm nights to image Orion Nebula (M42). First time processing with SiriL, still working through variants of the image with different processing steps to get the colors correct (it should be red) with the details in the same image.